Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Walking Kharma today I had some thoughts on litter. It seems most of the folks around here who litter are addicts and in poor health. I make this statement on the observation of what is along side the road. First of all there are lots of beer cans and fast food wrappers. Also cigarette packages. These people must be driving down the road eating a quarter pounder, smoking a cigarette, and drinking a beer. Then when all finished they toss everything right out the window. On top of that they must be cheap too. I mean I never see an empty bottle of Guinness Stout on the side of the road, it's always Coors Light or Natural Light or Bud Light. Hey all these are light beers, maybe they are trying to be calorie conscience. ?? And cheap cigarettes too, Misty's or Doral's or such, I guess the Marboro man hasn't been riding his horse up and down my street. Horse's don't have cup holders to keep your cheap beer in.