Monday, February 04, 2008

Last Ones

I like drawing through the slip with my finger. It's very spontaneous and direct. The timing is important.I could apply this drawing through slip to my salt/soda glazed ware. I would probably darken up my body a little and switch to a palette of lighter slips, a whitish one and maybe a yellow. I am going to give it a try in my next firing (which I have put off for a week or so). I also know of some iron glazes that I could use in that high fire range that would be a honey or amber color. I would want to try some greens too.
I do like the shine of these pots. After doing sort of a muted surface for so long it's fun to have some shiney things.

Another reason that this earthenware work has appealed to me is that my fuel costs have gone up considerably in the last few years. Firing to a lower temp would be a good economical decision. However, the pots are what matters most, I must like them and be excited about the whole process. There are alternatives to propane for high temp firings. Wood, oil, and cooking grease/oil are all possibilities. For lower temps I could still use propane (but less of it per firing) or electricity, or again wood (which would be cool).
I have always kept my prices pretty low so locals could afford my work and so that folks would be more inclined to use the pots. Maybe I should re-evaluate this. I know it's kind of a dogma with me.
I had these two cups left over from a class demo. They got dry and I had no idea how to decorate them so they got dots. Easy.