Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday. Some Pots.

Today wasn't nearly as productive in the shop as I had wanted it to be. I got off on a bad foot making pitchers, not really pleased with any of these except maybe the one second from the left. I couldn't seem to get the weight out even after stiffening up the clay. So I'll probably recycle all these but one tomorrow.I did get my little bowls slipped and decorated this afternoon. I've never done much slip trailing but it's something I'd like to play around with, loops, circles, lines and the like.
I fired the test kiln again with some more line blends of the iron glaze over the white slip and the 3% green slip. Those will come out tomorrow. And I mixed up about 10 lbs of a new earthenware clay body to see how it throws. I'll wedge it up tomorrow and see if I like it.

So that's it.