Sunday, November 02, 2008


I am pleased with the pots that came out this morning. I'm finally getting a glaze that will behave. (I prob. just jinxed it). I am really thankful for this glaze! (Just want to get that across to the pottery gods)

These two yunomis were experimental in that I brushed a black stain into the incising and wiped it away before adding a very thin layer of clear glaze. I quite like these. I may add some dots to this idea later.Cups. I'm liking the brushed slip. It adds some dimension to the pot. The poured slip is a bit too dense. I could counter that with some roughing of the surface or ? something. Also tinting the glaze may help add depth. That will be tried next go round.

I'm feeling good about these wacky pots. I tell ya, I just have to learn to accept myself.