Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday's Post

You've probably given up on getting a post from me today, but guess what?.....Here it is!! (I'm sooooo sure you have much more to look forward to on a Friday night than my meager blog posts) (If not then , well....thanks for peeping in.) (I'm home alone tonight and am looking forward to cooking myself a nice Chinese dinner and watching a movie).

On with the post...
This is number 12 dinner plate, all footed and surrounded by the trimmings of his 11 brothers (or sisters, or whatever).

Didn't get far on the slipping today. I'm hoping to get 12 mugs decorated before we leave tomorrow to go on our weekend holiday.

Kari Smith!!! Yea!!!! Kari's new book came in the post today. I've already dug in and am having fun. Kari's books help me with my ideas, and open me up to new things. Hopefully I'll share some here soon.

Have a good weekend.
Really. You must!