Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shinos for Andrew

Andrew, these first three pots I made and have the Gustin shino on them. When that glaze is thick it's white when thin it's toasty. The clay does need some body reduction for it to look decent. You can see the thick and thin areas on these pots. Jazzing up the surfaces helps too, texture on the pot. Or like you are doing and like I did on the jar, wiping through the glaze to thin it out. The plate has a matt black trailed across it. I think shinos, unless they are the carbon trap variety, need something else going on on the pot. A pot covered in shino is sometimes boring. Try texture, paddling, roping, incising, whatever, things that will let the glaze go thick and thin. I have some pots with shino and ash on them somewhere here, and a cup that's this same glaze but thicker and really white. I'll try and find them.

This cup was made by Randy Johnston and has some kind of shino on it. It would be pretty boring if it didn't have that little band there in the middle.Try getting a high iron clay too. That will change the whole thing.
Looking good. Keep up the good work.