Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday. Back to Work

Okay here is the Plan:

I learned a good lesson last week when I made some pots that had hardly any surface variety, and then no glaze depth. BORING! Flat. Lifeless. Yuck. So I'm making sure now to jazz things up a bit. When I was firing salt I had to do very little to the surface because the kiln atmosphere did it all. I'm learning by trial and error with this slipware, and from paying attention.

Made some cups and bowls today.

Decorated these and a couple more boards from last week.
If you've been looking at the Obamaware site and wondering where my pots are, well, I had some bad news on Friday. My package got mis-routed. I think I screwed up the zip code. Hopefully they will get there before the show goes live on Wednesday.
Frustrating, but out of my hands for now.