Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Morning

There's a pretty good frost out this morning. The kiln has about another 2 hrs to go before being finished. New pots out tomorrow, so check back for those.

Last night an ambulance went up the highway with it's siren on and set off a group of coyotes howling just up the creek from my house. It was the first time I'd heard them. Neighbors have told me they have heard them recently. It was a great sound. It sounded like 6 or more of them. Maybe some young. I know most people don't like coyotes, including most of my neighbors and they may end up shot (the coyotes, not the neighbors). I hope not.

Coyotes are new around here. I saw a couple a few years back. I guess they are increasing in numbers. Being pushed here from somewhere else.

Week before last a deer walked into a shop in downtown Shelby. Right off the street in the middle of the day. It did some damage and lost an antler before the shop clerk got the back door open for it to get out.

I'm sure the coyotes are doing their part on keeping the rabbit and small rodent population under control, I've not heard of any livestock being killed. I did hear of one person who said his dog was attacked, but I don't know if it was a coyote who did the damage or just another dog. It was a Jack Russell and probably ran down the wrong hole. Who knows.

Okay gotta go have breakfast and then off to the workshop.

Check back later.