Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday. Later.

Sarah came in this afternoon and caught me decorating. Nice head wear huh? See where Karma tried to destroy it earlier? I've got to get a new hat for winter. My best one is worn out so I dug up this old toboggan. If you know of some cool winter hats let me know. I bought the last cool one in Colorado five or six years ago. I'm due a new hat. I don't want anything crocheted!

Okay on to serious business. Steven put a post up recently and in it he said, "I decided awhile ago that I can’t be creative and critical at the same time. When I attempt the two simultaneously neither the analysis or the subject of that analysis prove terribly valuable."

I had that on my mind today as I made pots but even more so when I sat down to decorate this afternoon. This whole deco. thing is really new to me and I am trying not to just give up and go back to making my old pots. It's very intimidating and there are LOTS of people out there who are exceptional at it. Okay, that's me being 'critical' before I even get going right? So what I figure is that Steven is right, I can't stand there and analyze everything before it even happens. I have to let go, work, make, decorate, whatever. Just let go, try to possibly be in the moment maybe. If I stop too long or take too long to start...well it just looks forced, too thought out, stiff, no good.
At some point after that I can come back and ask questions, "What is good about this?", "what do I like?", "what can I do differently?"and so on. I can do that all along the way, making, slipping, decorating, glazing and after the firing. I think that sort of analysis can be very beneficial to me.

As I write this I am aware that I have to remember that I am making these pots first and foremost for myself. So I don't need to compare these pots with anyone else's. I have learned (and unlearned, and forgotten and remembered at times) that comparing is never productive for me. Not unless I can leave that annoying self centered judgmental voice somewhere in a sound proof room.

One of the best lessons I've learned as a potter is to keep working. Make pots. Doing nothing, or thinking about it too much gets me nowhere. Making lots of pots has been my best teacher. I think now I have to apply that to my drawing and be willing to try some new things, new materials, new subject matter, new surroundings whatever. I think using the dip pen on large paper will help me loosen up a good deal. Getting out and drawing my surroundings or things in the house will help too. (Today I drew a garden rake and a set of salt and pepper shakers on a cup. Why? I don't know. They were things that I had seen recently and who cares if they relate anyhow.)

Well that's a pretty long post for today. More tomorrow maybe.

Hey, I mixed clay today too!!!!