Sunday, October 12, 2008

ClayMatters Fall Pottery Sale

It was a beautiful day for the ClayMatters Pottery Sale yesterday. This event is held at the McAlpine Business Park amid the old dairy barn and silos. Its a great venue.

I didn't bother to put up a tent and brought my minimalist display to set up. I was flanked on either side by Vicki Gill and Jen Mecca, good neighbors for the day. I had pretty good sales considering all the hubbub going on with the banking market in Charlotte and all the other national economic stuff. I did notice a considerable drop from last year though. I was happy to sell my first harvest jug! I also took a few orders for plates.

Below are pics of Vicki Gill's booth and Jen Mecca's.

Vicki and Jen will be showing next weekend at Vicki's Studio in Gastonia. Check Vicki's blog this week for info.
Well that's it for now. Check in later for now.