Monday, September 22, 2008

It Starts with the Clay

As if it's not enough that I've been testing glazes for months, now I'm testing a new clay body.
Actually this is good. I checked the porosity on my current body and it was about twice as high as it should be. I had been told that I could maybe add some frit to the body to help with that and that's what I've done. I got my hands on a body recipe that is very similar to mine that contained 3 % of frit 3124. The proportions of clays in the recipe were almost the same. So any how I mixed up a small batch today. I'm gonna let it sit a day and then make a few cups, some test bars for shrinkage and absorption and then move on to slip and glaze tests. Or it may need some tweaking. I've already added some Lizella from Georgia and a bit of grog. So we'll see....