Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feeling Good

I taught last night at Clayworks. I've got a really good group of students. They are so eager to learn and to improve their pots. I try to get around to all of them throughout the class to give them individual help and attention. I am seeing their pots improve each session.

I had some time last night to talk to my friend Julie about her weekend at the Utilitarian Clay Conference. She took some really good notes and shared them with me. We talked about internet marketing, photography, clay bodies, techniques that she saw over the weekend that were unusual and how we are both pretty pumped up about our pots right now and want to keep up with the times, make work that is engaging and get it out to folks.

I emailed a web designer yesterday to see about the cost for a custom website. My old site has gone off line and was getting out of date. I have distinct ideas about what I want and I outlined that for the designer. I haven't heard back yet with the quote but I'm bracing myself for the number. With my love of the internet, I feel like it is only natural that I strongly pursue this area. Also, I am learning that sometimes it's better to pay a person who is skilled in an area to get the work done. I can struggle and struggle with it for weeks and months. What I need to do is make pots and leave some of this other stuff to people who do it for a living. That said, I did choose someone who I know has worked with potters and who is creative and artistic. I want to give work to folks who are passionate about what they do.

I met with Leon, my glaze guru, last night for supper. We had a good chat about clay bodies and all that. I have some new info. that Julie brought back from the Conference that may help me adjust my clay, slip and glaze. Tests will be happening next week.

For now I'm out to check on my bisque firing. Hope you all have a good Wednesday!!