Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Post From Thursday

I am trying my best to fight off this cold. I've been dosing up on vitamin C, zinc, ban lan gen, and I made myself a gigantic bowl of homemade chicken soup for lunch. Other than hanging out reading and drawing I have done very little today. Well, and surfing the web.

I think I came across a little Scrooge-like in that early post about receiving gifts. I've actually already given some gifts and what they say is true, "it's better to give than to receive."

Every year I leave my postal carrier a piece of pottery in the mail box. I need to pick out something to put in there tomorrow or Saturday. He is a great guy, his name is Larry and like most carriers he drives this old beat up car. He wears one of those hats kinda like John Leach wears. He pulled up in the drive today and layed down on the horn. Twice. That's his way of saying "Get out here and get this package!!!" I was napping but jumped up and ran out. Larry handed over a beat up box with a royal mail stamp on it. Thanks Doug!

So I am feeling a little more Christmas-y and looking forward to seeing all of Sarah's family and having some time with my folks and my sister's family. I'll be 100 % in a day for sure. Okay so that's it for today probably, two posts in one day, what a geek.