Thursday, December 11, 2008

This and That on a Damp Thursday.

More Art-O-Mat madness. Here are several of the board members from the Cleveland County Arts Council showing off the artwork bought out of our new Art-O-Mat. Look how happy they all has that effect on people.

Today I went into Charlotte for several hours. I had lunch with my pals Jen, Amy and Julie. Julie doesn't have a web presence so I thought I'd put up a shot of her work. It's fun stuff. I got one of her mugs last week and have been totally enjoying it.
After lunch I headed to Cheap Joe's for some art supplies, pens and journals and then over to Clayworks to pick up some work of mine from our sale last weekend.

I have some nice pots left over, mugs and plates, so I'll try and get a few of them up om my Etsy shop in the morning. I have been pleasantly surprised that I sold 7 of the 12 mugs I posted Tuesday. Those all have been delivered or shipped.

I had a bit of a chat with Michael Kline today on the phone. He seems well, anxious to get back to making pots. I really need to get up to visit him and see his new studio and showroom.

Well that's it for today.