Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Amazing St. Croix Pottery Studio Tour

I had a great time at the Minnesota Potter's Tour this past weekend. I was helping out Suze Lindsey and Kent McLaughlin . They were part of the group set up at Bob Briscoe's place in Harris MN. Below is a shot of the back yard after we got through with set up on Friday. There were 7 potters set up at Bob's location. In all there were 6 locations on the Tour featuring a total of 24 potters.

Below you can see some customers from Saturday morning.
Matthew Metz was one of the featured potters at this location. It was amazing to see his work. Here is Matt on Friday morning pricing his work.
I was shy around Matt at first, not because of his personality, but because I had never met him and I admire his work so much, especially his skill as a decorator. Over the weekend I became more comfortable being around him. He's generally soft spoken and insightful. I enjoyed hearing some stories he told about his family history.

He took interest in what I am doing and offered me some insight and suggestions as well as to show me around the library at Alfred if I was ever up that way. He said there was a wealth of books there on historical pots.

I had a blast being part of this. I have much to share and will do so over the next few days. I'll also be getting back to work in my studio. So stay tuned and check in often.