Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Giant Frog and Other Things...

No aliens showed up in the night. I guess the closest thing we've had that was green and slimly was this guy which Karma found behind a planter near the workshop. He was quite happy to be returned to the creek out back.Having my tea out of this Hannah McAndrew mug this morning. Sarah and I got online last night and ordered enough tea to last us for the next couple months. We both have our favorites, Sarah loves green tea scented with jasmine, I like the Gyokuro, and we both enjoy a good black tea in the morning. We ordered the Baker Street Afternoon Blend for the black this time. It's quite good and it always makes me thing of Sherlock Holmes when I make a cup. I've also been hooked on Darjeelings for some time. Spending $40 on tea seems pretty crazy I guess but we really don't have any other vices, alcohol or smoking or illegal drugs , so I feel like it's money well spent and on a price per cup basis it's really cheap. We buy tea from Upton Imports, check them out if you love tea as much as we do.

Below is the copy of Michael Cardew and The West Country Slipware Tradition that Doug recently sent me. It's really been an inspiration. Just check out that harvest jug on the cover. I hope this book will be avaliable in the States at some point soon.